Gladstone Hospital, QLD

Mobile surgical solution from Aspen Medical allows surgical list to be maintained whilst Operating Rooms undergo a 6-month capital works refurbishment



Aspen Medical’s Mobile Surgical Unit (MSU) provides hospitals and health departments with a flexible option to increase surgical capacity, or replacement of current surgical facilities where needed due to hospital refurbishment or other cause.  The MSU provides a large Operating Room, pre-op and post-operative spaces, fully equipped with the latest Operating Room and Recovery Room equipment necessary to run a safe and modern surgical service.

Current utilisation options for the mobile surgical unit include standalone use, with direct lease to the facility or health department (without staff), lease of the MSU with perioperative staff to manage the services or lease of the MSU with a full surgical team including nurses, surgeons and anaesthetic staff.

In the case of Gladstone Hospital, the MSU has been provided to be staffed by Gladstone Hospital perioperative staff, and local equipment has been utilised while the hospital Operating Rooms are undergoing a 6 month capital works refurbishment program.  The supply of the MSU to Gladstone has ensured that patient safety and clinical services are able to be maintained while the local facility is out of operation – the alternative was lease of Operating Rooms at a neighbouring hospital which would have necessitated patient transport between facilities via ambulance.  The MSU is situated on site at Gladstone Hospital and readily accessible without the need for additional transport services.

Aspen Medical provided all services in the delivery of the MSU – Logistics, Transport, Setup, Testing, and Project Management.  Maintenance schedules are also included, however the MSU is low maintenance once set up, and training for local hospital engineering staff is provided to ensure medical gas, water and waste supplies are provided and maintained during the period of lease to the site.


  • MSU required refurbishment after more than a decade in Solomon Islands
  • Time-sensitive delivery
  • Political considerations

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